Rabbit Technologies offers a comprehensive line of services.  We offer on site service and remote support including Windows & Mac.  With over 12 years of IT experience Rabbit Technologies can help.


Virus Detection & Removal

General System Diagnostics

Operating system installation, upgrades and configuration

Installation of small office and home networks

Setting up and configuring wireless networks, ADSL modems, broadband routers and sharing high speed internet access across a network

Configuring or fixing internet connections, ADSL/Cable modems and Wired/Wireless Routers

Desktop and Laptop on-site or off-site repairs and maintenance

Printer and Scanner Installation and repair.

Implementation of PC upgrades such as system memory, graphic cards, modems, network cards, CD-ROMs, DVD, DVD-RAMs, DVD-RWs etc

Installing and configuring software applications

Implementation of computer security such as securing small office and home networks against malicious attacks, viruses, etc

Customizing your desktop environment and software applications to your specific needs

Optimizing your PC or network performance

Hard Drive Installation with data transfer

Data migration from old PC to new PC

Data Backup Systems